Sunday, April 1, 2007


I'm having the same problem with the Blogger as many others - it is not easy to blog large posts. In short, often when posting blogs using the new Blogger (and others have reported similar problems with the old one as well). I get a page saying that the connection has been closed. This is very annoying when I have just written a large post and all is gone!

When searching the 'net for a solution I ran into several suggestions, even one that suggested I should decrease the MTU on my router. Isn't that just going a bit too far? Some will suggest anything but Google having a problem with their Blogger.

I continued my search and I finally found the usenet-post Connection reset when publishing 'large' post...? by skilef that describes the problem very well. It also has a simple work-around in a skilef reply to him-/herself.

There are others posts that describe this as well, like the thread Publishing/viewing cookie problem? by Case and ScooterTex. Admit it, there is a problem with Blogger!

I use the work-around but it is really not good.

OWA on Vista

I used to have access to Outlook Web Access (OWA) before we realized it was too open and making our network highly vulnerable. Now we have set this up again, with the appropriate certificates, and all is working fine, or is it!? Well for most users it is working fine, but for my access of OWA, using my Internet Explorer 7.0 (IE7) on my new Vista machine at home, it is not working fine. I can access it but I can't do the simplest things, imagine, I can't compose e-mails. What you say? Yeah, believe it. Why is it that since I got my new Vista machine it seems like all my Microsoft products are failing me? Like the new Messenger and now OWA. What is this? What kind of an "improved" version of Windows is this? This is ridiculous!

Anyways, let's fix it. I found someone else that had this problem, see "Cannot Compose or Reply to Messages and Other Errors in Outlook Web Access in Windows Vista" by My Digital Life. Well, it wasn't the suggestion of installing an update2for the Exchange server that first intrigued me but the first comment by angler, who suggested that there were a simple install on my IE7 that would solve the problem. To make a long story short, the suggested updating of S/MIME didn't help at all.

So, I ended up downloading and (trying to) install the Exchange server update from KB 911829. However, that didn't work either, when trying, the installer replies that my Exchange was too old, must be SP2. I then use Windows update and it wants to update my Windows Server 2003 for Small Business Server to SP2, intereseting!? After that, upgrading Exchange to SP2 solves the problem. How long do you think that took?

Can you imagine all that, just to access OWA using Vista!

That Vista thing is one h... of an upgrade.