Sunday, June 29, 2008

Changing nicknames of MSN contacts

When you add a new contact to your list of MSN contacts, this new contact has decided an arty-kind-of "display name" for himself. So when the contact has been added he gets sorted among your other contacts, based on his "display name". As the contact decides his "display name" then he can, to some extent, decide where in your list he appears. For this reason, I think, some of my MSN contacts decide to put an hyphen (or something similar that gets sorted before alphabetical characters) before their name so that they get sorted at the top of your list.

This has irritated me for a while and it wasn't until lately that I found the OBVIOUS way to fix this. I had tried to change everything on the MSN contact card but that hasn't helped at all. But just recently I noticed in the right-click-drop-down menu of the contact that you can change the "nickname" of the contact. Hurrah!!! Hence the "In Your Face" portrait by Figuro Blog (a great unique site I urge you to take a look at).

It turns out that this is your own "display name" of the contact. I thought I would share this with your. Take a look at how this is done:

Another benefit is that if two of your contacts decide to use similar "display names" then it can be hard for you to figure out which one is which, when you want to chat with one of them. Now, with the change of the "nickname" (hot key F2), you can give a more descriptive "nicknames" to your contacts.

Hope this helps you too.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ég er 2 ára

Jóhann Jökull Bæhrenz
er nú orðinn 2 ára.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ég er nú farinn að skrá hlaupin mín í Hlaupadagbókinni Ég er ekki búinn að vera lengi að hlaupa en stefni á að hlaupa 10 kílómetra í Reykjavíkurmaraþoni Glitnis þann 23. ágúst. Ef þú ert að hlaupa þá sting ég uppá þessari hlaupadagbók. Þar að auki er Glitnir með undirbúningshóp fyrir 10 kílómetra hlaupið fyrir þá sem hafa áhuga.

The Navision client and server don't have the same version

Rue de Net has a customer running several versions of the classic Navision server. What we experienced, when moving servers between machines, was that clients (or Navision Application Servers - NAS) wouldn't start normally every time - most of the time we had the "The client and server do not have the same version number" error when connecting to a 3.60 version server.

After multiple trials we have found that there is a bug in Navision 3.60 resulting in this error message if you are running some other version of the classic Navision server on the same machine. The error will occur when a client tries to connect using Windows Authentication.

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