Sunday, September 28, 2008

How long does your running shoe last?

I started running on a regular basis late April this year. I had been a typical stationary person for years so I started slowly, by running something like 10-12 kilometers per week. This has then increased during the summer and is now 30-35 kilometers per week. Last week I felt my right shoe/foot plummeting all the way to the asphalt and giving some weird sound on every step. So, I decided the shoe was finished - and I have just run over 450 kilometers on those shoes. Not too much I thought!

Especially because according to The Runners Guide the average runner will require a new pair every 500-800 kilometers. Then the (unnamed) author tells us to log all runs on every shoe so that we will know when the time of a new pair is approaching. I had done that - a good solid advice. However, he continues, if you start feeling something, maybe like a pain, earlier you might be one of those runners that require new shoes sooner than the average. Also your weight and how hard you strike the ground may be a factor. So, from this, maybe my 450 kilometers is not that far off - I will be getting my new pair tomorrow.

I have had an Asics Gel Nimbus 9 (see review at Runner's World Shoe Finder), which is a Neutral-Cushioned shoe. When I purchased these shoes I was starting to run and it didn't even cross my mind that I would be needing any kind of cushion as I have been running all my life and never have I had any kind of comments on my style or had any mishaps, injuries or pain that could have triggered such concerns.

This time I'm getting a pair of New Balance 1224 (see the review at Runner's World Shoe Finder), which is a Stability shoe. My new shoe provider, owner of the only store in Reykjavik that specializes in running equipment and one of Iceland's best marathon runners ever, did a measurement of my feet during a run and then recommended I get a pair of shoes with stabilizers to assist me during my runs. I'm looking forward to seeing if I will notice it in feeling better during the run or being able to run faster?!

We'll see.

PS: I just have to add that my friend, Gudmundur Gudnason and the Reykjavik Road Runners, just finished the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON today and another Icelander, Gunnlaugur Júlíusson, finished the 246 kilometer SPARTATHLON yesterday. Good weekend for icelandic runners.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

StackOverflow is in public beta !

As I have been following Joel on Software since forever, listening to the StackOverflow Podcast since Podcast #1 and been beta testing the StackOverflow site for weeks now, I just thought I would put a note here to tell you that StackOverflow is now in public beta. You should try it out!

No secret password or anything needed, just go to (no wobbly wobbly wobbly!?) and start posting questions for answers to your programming questions. But just remember that Jeff Atwood is very enthusiastic about the questions being about programming, so be nice, leave your questions regarding OS, Admin and stuff at home.

One more thing, you need an OpenID to login and start earning reputation, voting, commenting and eventually edit other peoples questions and answers. Those are actually the coolest parts of the site, so get yourself an OpenID and start earning reputation.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Google Chrome is my default browser !

Google Chrome is probably the biggest thing happening in the technology world right now! The uptake of this new browser is phenomenal, just take a look at this graph from PannonRex:

This is a graph of PannonRex blog visitors.

I highly recommend that you read the PannonRex blog on Google Chrome: the Google OS, their Shining Chrome: Browser Speed Tests and finally the blog on the unbelievable uptake, the Google Chrome usage stats.

Unfortunatelly I can't use my new Google Chrome for everything, but it is still in Beta and only 4 days old - what did you expect!!!

For one thing, Google Chrome doesn't work well enough with Java. Take a look at this thread over on and this one at the Sun Developers Forum. I would guess they will be fixing this quite soon - if not, then Sun will probably find a solution.

Also, Firefox has a lot of Add-ons that it will be very difficult to live without, for example these here:
  • Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer
  • Firebug 1.2.0
  • Brief 1.2
  • IE View 1.3.7
  • Adblock
  • Web Developer 1.1.6
  • TinyUrl Creator 1.0.5
  • W3C Page validator 3.0.0
  • W3C CSS validator 3.0.0
However, according to Sundar Pichai at Google an extension API is very important and will be addressed next!

When the API becomes available I would guess that the developers of the above Add-ons will jump on it to get their Add-ons working with this fastest browser in the World!

PS: Take a look at The Inspiration Behind The Logo Design of Google Chrome.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

10 km in 47:50 PB !!!

My second public run, the Brúarhlaup Selfoss 2008.

With Alma and her son Marteinn, who did a 5K run.

The Glitnir Reykjavik marathon, last August, was my first public run, at 51:00. During that run I was a bit too relaxed, I was looking around a lot, experiencing my first public run I guess! But this time, in Selfoss, it was a much smaller run with only hundreds of participants - while the Glitnir Reykjavik marathon had thousands. Also, it was located in Selfoss, not as scenic a route as next to the sea and downtown Reykjavik. The weather was also better for running in Selfoss, not as hot. All in all, the Brúarhlaup Selfoss 2008 was an all around better run for me!

From the bridge, into the country, a turn and back and then the goal is next to the elementary school and pool.

Zoom in to the Selfoss part of the run.

Another reason I did better now than in August is that I competed to keep up with my friend Alma for the second half of the run. Alma Maria Rognvaldsdottir told me before the race that her aim was a 4:50 /km, just like my pace aim! In the start of the race I was ahead of her but then 5K into the race she floated past me. But it gave me a lot trying to keep up with her. However, in the end I wasn't able to - the goal reached her 29secs before me. I believe her time is also a personal best. Congratulations and thank you Alma.

The 47:50 landed me in the 58th place of 191 participants that completed the race. It also puts me in 15th place of 35 in my age group. BTW: why put me in the age group of 40-49; my 40th birthday is not until next Saturday :-)