Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mail dropped on the "Mailbox..." folder in Outlook

A couple of weeks ago I accidentally dropped a few emails on the "Mailbox - Alfred B. Thordarson" folder at the top of my mail folders list in Outlook:

Now, how do I get them back? Whenever you click on this folder you get the "Outlook Today" page and it doesn't show the items that I dropped.

After a few searches I finally found the answer at the HowTo-Outlook site, specifically in the What happens to mails dragged to the Outlook Today Folder? page. The answer really is quite simple:

1) right-click the "Mailbox.." folder,
2) select "Properties..",
3) select the "Home Page" tab and
4) de-select the "Show home page..." check.

Then simply click OK and your outlook items will be shown instead of the "Outlook Today" page. Just move the items where you want them and re-select the "Show home page..." and you are done.

Just thought I would share this with you.