Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My SoapExtension is receiving the AfterSerialize message twice!

Today I asked a question about SoapExtension on StackOverflow.

I'm writing about this here because StackOverflow is one of my all-time favorite websites and I want everyone to use it. So my question is here at StackOverflow and of course I got this brilliant answer just a couple of hours later.

Before I asked my question at StackOverflow, I had searched the web using Google, Bing and others but with no luck to start with. But then I found someone else that was having a similar problem and that person had found the solution. The solution was locked away at, but those guys want my creditcard before they help. That number is not available.

StackOverflow was the obvious site to place my question and, alas, I have my solution.

Great site!