Friday, September 30, 2011

Go NASA Go !

Last summer, just before the final Space Shuttle mission, Charles Bolden, NASA Administrator, held a remarkable talk where he outlined the NASA future of human spaceflight. Firstly, he firmly confirmed NASAs commitment to human space flight.

He then outlined his believe that privately owned american companies should be transporting astronouts to the ISS, instead of foreign governments, and from there NASA will continue its deep space explorations. For this to be possible NASA will be providing the Commercial Orbital Transportation Service to their partners. Sounds smart, why continue to spend money on something we have done many times? Lets go further.

Then for the future, one of NASAs goals is to orbit Mars and eventually land on it. Another one, asked for by the president, is a mission to an asteroid, which, I guess, they are starting to plan. Finally, he mentions the Moon as one of their ambitious human destinations. What a set of goals.

"To boldly go where no man has gone before" - thats more or less it! :-)

Exciting news from NASA will contain the Juno mission to Jupiter, Dawn satellite orbiting asteroid (july 2011), The GRAIL probes studying the Moons interior (september 2011) and The Curiosity rover heading for Mars (november 2011).

Looking forward to it.

For the complete transcript of his talk see here.