Who am i?

About me: Alfred B. Thordarson is still a software developer in Reykjavik, Iceland! And he is me. Since around 1980 I've been developing software; started with the Sinclair ZX81, grew through the ZX Spectrum era into PC development and eventually virtual machines like the JVM and the CLR. During this time and until today, of course I have used numerous technologies ranging from early assembly languages to BASIC to C to C++ to Java to C# and .NET to SQL to web services to ASP.NET and so on and so on. My academical studies include a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Iceland and an MS degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of California, Irvine. Yes, when it comes to things like electronics, physics, math and astronomy I am a bit of a popular science fanboi. However, today my day job is running Rue de Net, the providers of the NETConductor and Otto products in conjunction with Microsoft ERP systems. In addition to being involved in general managing the company I'm also the product manager of the NETConductor. This means that most of my day is spent in front of one LCD screen or the other. So, of course, relaxing at home means sitting down with my laptop :-) and browsing the web, news, blogs and different technology write ups. So, this blog is becoming a pad for me to write down and concentrate my thoughts about software, technology and computer related issues in general. In between I also write stuff about my personal life, my wife, my two daughters, my son, my horses, my parrot, my running and other hobbies - but then usually in Icelandic - Sorry - but you know the mom test?